1. Offer quality products

We make it a point of honor that our customers are satisfied with our products so we are careful when buying our raw materials.
Our vials are made of glass because is inert, so it is the only material that does not distort our product and guarantees the non-transfer of questionable substances.

2. Respect the planet, humans and animals

It also means choosing raw materials but also respecting everyone:

We make sure to obtain organically grown materials in order to respect the environment and the health of all.

We are vigilant about the quality of our ingredients so as not to find GMOs.

Our formulas are made up of natural ingredients because we are against the use of petrochemical products.

Our raw materials are not tested on animals: in future formulas, only ingredients from animal production (which have no effect on the health of the animal, for example honey) will be used.

We propose a coconut oil whose coconuts were harvested by humans (adults and trained) and not monkeys because we are against their exploitation and/or torture.

3. Have eco-responsible gestures

  • Stop unnecessary cases: except for soaps that are delivered in a kraft box. Note: some of the paper used to make our boxes comes from recycled materials.

  • Stop oversized parcels: reducing the size of our parcels allows us to limit our cardboard consumption to the maximum.

  • Priority to green packaging: our products are packaged in recycled bubble cartons and paper.

  • Priorities for recyclable packaging: our glass bottles can be recycled - just throw them in the containers for glass packaging. Our soapboxes are made of kraft so they are recyclable. Our shampoo boxes and make-up remover discs are made of aluminum and can either have a second life or be recycled.

  • Our box "Green Protocol" is packaged in a reusable organic cotton bag.

4. Promoting sustainable development

In terms of transport, our desire to reduce our environmental impact on a daily basis translates into:

  • The choice of an ISO 14001 certified carrier,

  • Delivery of our products by bicycle - in Paris only at the moment.

To limit our ecological footprint, we:

  • Let's focus on local suppliers (aluminum box made in the Ile de France, kraft box in Nancy...)
  • Let's buy raw materials grown in France - whenever possible,
  • Let us call on the French know-how to manufacture for example our make-up remover discs, our future soap holders, our packaging...