Skin problems are constantly increasing and it is related to:

  • Stress,
  • Pollution,
  • Food,
  • Skincare enriched with ingredients from petrochemicals...

The RemèTerre brand aims to offer natural and organic cosmetics that respect:

  • Skin: our cosmetics are skin-sensitive and all of our ingredients are natural, including our preservatives!
  • Health: Our vials are made of glass and not plastic to avoid contamination container/content. Our products do not contain parabens, mineral oils or other ingredients harmful to the planet and/or health.
  • Environment: we work with organic raw materials, our packaging is recyclable and manufactured in France.
  • Animals: our cosmetics are not tested on animals and our coconut oil is made from coconuts picked by trained men. We are clearly AGAINST the exploitation of monkeys!

Note: European regulations indicate that no cosmetics can be sold within the EU if finished products or ingredients have been tested on animals, regardless of the country where these tests were carried out. (1,2)

On the other hand, although companies cannot sell animal-tested cosmetics within the EU, this does not mean that they cannot continue to test them on animals outside the EU and continue to sell them in other markets. This is the case for most large groups that sell internationally. (2)



(2) PETA Australia