All your questions about RemèTerre


Where are your products made?

French manufacturing is one of our flagship values. Our company is based in Paris and our cosmetic treatments are manufactured in our laboratory located in the Centre Val de Loire. As for our washable make-up removers, they are made in the South-West of France while our bags and bags are made in Paris.

Are your treatments natural?

Our formulas are mostly 100% natural. We exclude all controversial substances. So even our preservatives are of natural origin. Ingredients for non-natural % are safe for our bodies. For example, our soaps that are handcrafted by cold saponification contain soda because this is essential to make a solid soap.

Where can I find your products near me?

Our products are available on our website and we can deliver Parisians by bike during the day if needed. Our care is also distributed in some outlets. To access the list, click on this link

If you want to reference our cosmetics (do we ever know!), feel free to write to us at

How are your products tested?

All treatments are tested under dermatological control. We also conduct additional tests to ensure the safety of our products. However, you are reassured that, in accordance with European regulations, no tests are carried out on animals.

Are your packaging recycled and recyclable?

All RemèTerre packaging is recyclable and we are always looking for the best alternatives in terms of respect for the environment and practicality. Our soapboxes are made in Nancy and are made of recycled and recyclable kraft. The aluminium boxes are made in Ile-de-France and are reusable. As for our bottles, they are made of glass and you can either reuse them (such as soliflore) or recycle them. We hope to be able to recover the glass bottles in order to sterilize and reuse them.

Finally, the scotch we use to close your parcels is recyclable. Thus, we encourage you to throw the shipping card in the garbage can dedicated to plastics and cardboard.

Do your treatments contain allergens or controversial ingredients?

Our cosmetics do not contain controversial ingredients such as aluminum, parabens or phthalates. Our shampoo and solid soaps do not contain palm oil or sulphates. On the other hand, in some treatments, we use essential oils that can naturally contain certain allergens (linalol, limonene...). These are then shown on the product listing and on the label.

Are your cosmetics Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Our formulas are Cruelty-Free certified by PETA. Only one product among our range is not Vegan, namely, The Apricot Candle (organic massage candle for the body) because it contains beeswax.

Are your treatments mixed?

Yes, our treatments are mixed and products that do not contain essential oils are suitable for the whole family, even babies. Example: The White Soap, oleo-calcareous liniment/ make-up remover, jojoba oil, shea butter...


How do I place an order on RemèTerre?

To buy 100% natural, organic and Cruelty Free RemèTerre cosmetics, simply add products to your shopping cart; When your shopping cart is complete you will need to create a customer account with your email address and complete the requested information or enter your credentials. You can then enter your delivery and billing address, choose the delivery method and choose your payment method.
Once your order is made you will receive a confirmation email. Beware, e-mail can sometimes slip into your junk mail!

Note: you can have your order delivered by bicycle (valid for Paris Intramuros only).

How do I create a RemèTerre account?

To create a RemèTerre account, you just have to go to our website and then click on "connection" at the top right.
You will be asked to create an account by providing your email address and password. You will also be offered registration for our newsletter when you sign up.

I lost my password, what do I do?

Don't worry, who has never forgotten one of his passwords? We're giving you the solution: If you are having difficulties you can email us to so that we can settle this together.

I can't afford to pay on the site, what to do?

First, check to see if you've not provided your card numbers, if they haven't expired, if your account is well-stocked, or if you haven't exceeded your payment limit. Otherwise try to change the means of payment. You can also pay for your order by wire transfer. If the problem persists you can contact our customer service by email at the address, we will then contact you to help you make your order.

What if my promotional code doesn't work?

To start make sure you're connected. Indeed to use your promo code or your assets, you must be logged into your account. Then, try to fill it in the promo code part of your shopping cart page. Normally you should see your discount appear. If this still doesn't work, email us at


Is my payment secure?

Yes, it is even very well secured! We work with the online payment platform STRIPE. A reference in the field of online payments. We opted for the SSL encryption system to best protect all sensitive data related to the payment methods used on the site.

Is a STRIPE account required to pay for my purchases?

No, there is no need for an account. You can pay with any credit card without having to register on the platform. It's easy, fast and unconstrained.


What's the state of my order?

Our products are shipped via three modes of delivery: Colissimo (delivery in relay point or home for signature), La Poste (letter followed delivered at home), to Bicycle (bike delivery is valid only for Paris Intramuros).

To find out where your order is simple, just click on the link below corresponding to your chosen delivery method and enter the order tracking number (shown on your shipping email) to find out where the delivery is.

Colissimo (follow my Parcel):
Letter followed:

I've had the wrong address or products, what to do?

This happens even at the best!! You can contact us by email at so we can resolve your concerns.
We will do our utmost to take into account your modification as much as possible (if your order has not yet been prepared or shipped).
But rest assured if your order has already been shipped you will be able to return it - the return fee will be your responsibility - following the procedure explained above.

What are the delivery times abroad?

We deliver all the countries of the European Union as well as to Switzerland. Deliveries abroad are shipped via Colissimo for signature.
You can find out the indicative delivery times in your country via the link below:

What if there is a missing product in my package?

We are sincerely sorry if there was an error in preparing your order. In order to be able to assure us with our logistician, please send us an email to and tell us what is the missing product. Add to the total weight of the package marked on the label and specify if it appeared to have deteriorated on receipt.

Other questions

Where can we find RemèTerre cosmetics?

Our cosmetics are available on our website and we sometimes distribute them at trade shows or private sales. If you would like to be informed of upcoming events, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter.

Finally, some stores offer RemèTerre treatments. To access the list of outlets, just click on the following link

I want to join the RemèTerre team!

Want to join the RemèTerre team? Send us your CV and cover letter that will make us choose you at:

What if we had a partnership together?

You are a brand, a dealer, a photographer or a model you can contact us at:

If you are a blogger/influencer, we would love to talk to you. That said, we do not send products for "testing." Finally, if you share The values of RemèTerre and want to inform your readers, you can write to us at