"For years, I have been a great consumer of conventional cosmetics. Until skin problems occur: rosacea accompanied by what is called rosacea acne. To treat my skin, I used more and more conventional cosmetics by following to the letter the recommendations of pharmacy or parapharmacy consultants. Unfortunately, the more I followed the protocols indicated, the more my skin became reactive.

When I talked about it with my friends, I realized that more and more of us were suffering from various skin problems.

After doing some research to understand the reason for our skin problems, my observation is without appeal. Conventional cosmetics, we have been using for years, promote these problems. Worse, they may in some cases be the direct cause. I had a duty to act. That's how I started making natural cosmetics for my friends, my family and myself. We were quickly blown away by the results.

Passionate about aromatherapy, herbal medicine and alternative medicines for many years, I have trained to help as many people as possible treat their skin problems with natural and organic cosmetics.

Thanks to the support of my friends and family, I have developed formulas to take care of problem skins but also sensitive skin. This is how the RemèTerre brand was born - a wink to my last name.

In order to respect our planet, animals and the skin of each, the ingredients we use are natural, organic and untested on animals."