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  • Démaquillant + Lotion + Disques Démaquillants Lavables

Make-up remover, Lotion & Lavable Make-up Remover Discs

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This make-up remover is suitable for all skin types !

Thanks to these two gestures, you will remove your make-up will become a real hapiness moment! Indeed, although very soft, this make-up remover without rinsing is extremely effective. As for the lotion, it helps to rebalance the ph of the skin. After applying these two products, your skin will tell you THANK YOU!

This make-up remover/cleanser is extremely soft and creamy. It removes traces of make-up and impurities in a single gesture. Effective even on waterproof makeup, this ultra-soft cleanser is rinsing free. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The Green Lotion is ideal for all skin types also for sensitive skin. Indeed, it is a synergy of organic floral waters of lavender and witch hazel that possess purifying properties (in order to fight pimples), astringent (helps tighten the pores of the skin), soothing (to relieve redness).

Tips for use:

Place the oleo-calcareous liniment make-up remover with organic sesame oil on a RemèTerre washable cotton. Pass the make-up remover disc over the skin to remove impurities and makeup effectively. Then apply The Green Lotion with a cotton pad to, among other things, rebalance the ph of your skin.

This box contains:

  1. An oleo-calcareous liniment make-up remover with organic sesame oil;
  2. A Green Lotion made up of organic floral waters of lavender and witch hazel;
  3. 8 washable make-up removers discs made in France of hemp and organic cotton fleece;
  4. zipped net bag;
  5. A small cotton bag made in France. 

For more information, see description below.

The most of this product:

  • By ordering these 3 products in the form of a pack, you save 6.50 euros.
  • The bottle are made of glass so as not to contaminate the contents.
  • Make-up remover discs are delivered in an aluminum box so you can store them away from dust.
  • Thanks to the zipped net bag, the make-up remover discs will not be scattered in your washing machine.

This pack contains

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Oleo-calcareous liniment with organic sesame oil

Oleo-calcareous liniment has a basic ph while an adult's skin has an acidic ph just like our green lotion. Thus, by applying it immediately after makeup removal, your skin will regain its natural ph.

More information about lotion

The Green Lotion is composed of organic floral waters that have purifying, astringent and revitalizing virtues: your skin will say thank you! Particularly suitable for mixed to oily skin, it is also suitable for sensitive skin because witch hazel water is also recommended to relieve skin prone to redness and lavender water is known for its soothing, healing.

Washable make-up remover discs

Our washable make-up remover discs are made in France of hemp & organic cotton fleece. Very soft and eco-friendly, they withstand more than 300 washes and come with a zipped net bag so you don't lose them in your washing machine!

Note: that hemp is a low-energy plant; it is grown in France and does not require the use of pesticides because it is very resistant! That's why we have chosen to offer you a product composed of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton; then, hemp has antifungal virtues that we find in discs!

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Data sheet

Conseils d'utilisation
1. Shake the make-up remover. 2. Place make-up remover on washable cotton that you will have slightly moistened beforehand. 3. Make make-up remover. 4. Apply lotion to your face with your hands or cotton.
Précautions d'emploi :
It is important to always shake the oleo-calcareous liniment make-up remover before using it. It is advisable to wash the make-up remover discs before the first use and to moisten them slightly before depositing the product.
Ingrédients INCI :
100 ml / 3.52 fl oz

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