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  • Le Protocole Vert pour peaux mixtes, grasses, à imperfections
  • Le Protocole Vert pour peaux mixtes, grasses, à imperfections
  • Le Protocole Vert pour peaux mixtes, grasses, à imperfections

Anti-Blemish Skincare Routine

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The anti-blemish skincare routine!

The Green Protocol is a beauty ritual specially formulated for combination to oily skin with imperfections such as pimples and enlarged pores. It consists of 3 products delivered in a small cotton bag:

1. Green Soap: made by cold saponification (surgras: 6%) with organic ingredients. It contains green clay, dried nettle - very effective in taking care of problem skin - and it is enriched with vegetable oil with purifying virtues to act against pimples as well as tea tree essential oil which has antibacterial properties.

2. Green Lotion: composed of organic floral waters with astringent, purifying and revitalizing properties in order to fight against imperfections and rebalance the pH of the skin.

3. The Green Serum: designed to meet the needs of problem skin, this serum is a natural treatment with organic essential and vegetable oils, the properties of which reduce excess sebum, pimples, blemishes and microcysts. Also, the plants contained in this serum promote the healing of pimples and help to find a smooth skin texture. This synergy purifies and nourishes the skin in depth without leaving a greasy film.

See the description below to learn more about this protocol as well as a before / after photo.

Note: these 3 products are Cruelty Free and Vegan.

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How was this protocol born?

At the request of a friend who suffered from acne, I studied this type of skin closely and formulated a serum - now called Le Sérum Vert - in order to:

  • to balance your skin,
  • to remove her "buttons" which made her so complex,
  • to tighten your pores, to promote healing,
  • to give it good looks!

Very quickly, the results were felt: the condition of her skin improved, her acne quickly diminished, her pores were refined and her skin no longer shone.

Therefore, I decided to find a solution to gently cleanse her skin. Indeed, she used a soap too aggressive for the skin which explained, among other things, her many skin problems. This is how I developed the Green Soap formula which is gentle. It contains - among other things:

  • green clay because it is known to remove impurities.
  • Tea Tree essential oil, renowned for its purifying properties.
  • Calophylle Inophyle oil because it also has restorative and purifying properties.

Finally, to complete these treatments, I formulated a "The Green Lotion" - La Lotion Verte - to use after cleaning my face. It is composed of floral waters with purifying and astringent properties and it also helps rebalance the pH of the skin.

Result: My friend's skin problems are a thing of the past. Seeing this amazing result, I decided to test this serum on several people around me (family, friends, friends of friends ...) and each time we noted significant improvements.

Delighted to see so many satisfied people, I chose to offer this range as a priority.

On average, within the first two weeks, we saw improvements. After 6 weeks, in most cases, the skin hardly showed any more "pimples". Note that in some people who suffered from acne for many years, it may have taken several months for the skin to rebalance and the pimples to disappear.

As for the other people who had dilated pore problems, they tightened, the skin condition improved and all noticed that they looked better (this is especially thanks to sea buckthorn oil. and nigella).

Does this protocol work on pimples on the back?

Yes, it works, the proof in pictures. The serum alone has also been shown to be very effective. Read our article:


Data sheet

Conseils d'utilisation
1. Cleanse your face with Le Savon Vert then dry your skin with a soft cloth.2. Apply La Lotion Verte.3. Massage your face with a few drops of the Green Serum in circular movements.
Précautions d'emploi :
Ingrédients INCI :
Savon : 100 g/3.52 fl oz, Lotion : 100 ml/3.52 fl oz, Sérum : 30 ml/ 1.01 fl oz

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